The Board of Directors

John Stauner    (Nora).  Three Lakes resident, previously from Wisconsin Rapids.  Former executive with Northland Cranberries.  Owner, James Lake Farms, Inc., Big Lake Loop Rd.  Organic cranberry producer, 65 acres.  Fresh and cold pack.

Gary Williams, Chairman   (LuAnn).  Three Lakes resident.  Planting Ground Lake.  Formerly Madison resident with home here.  Cy Williams family President Emeritus, Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Assoc.

Stella Westfall, Vice-Chairman   (Brent).  Three Lakes resident.  Big Stone Lake.  Rural Insurance Three Lakes agency.  Town Board chairman.

John Olkowski   (Kathleen).  Three Lakes resident.  Big Fork Lake. Three lakes High graduate.  Retired exec with WE Energies, Milwaukee.  Jack Olkowski family.  Owner, White Deer Wines and Spirits, downtown Three Lakes.

Kitty Banner-Seemann   (Bob).  New Florida resident, from Colorado and Alaska.  Medicine Lake, long time family home.  Pilot, and sales representative for ski apparel.  Former Alaska bush pilot and glacier pilot.


Michelle Hartness,  


Diane Geis,


Amy Baumetz is a resident of Three Lakes who lives with her husband, Gary, and new daughter Whitney.  She is a member of the Machon insurance agency family.  Amy is a teacher of natural healthcare.

Amy Baumetz,   


Dr. Steve Yahr, Ed.D., is the director of our leading Fab Lab.  He had a long career with Lockheed Martin as a logistics engineer.  Steve resides on Planting Ground.

Steve Yahr,   


These directors serve as volunteers.


The following are persons engaged with us on a voluntary basis.  We are grateful for their expertise and commitment of time in order to move this initiative along.

We welcome others who would like to be helpful to contact one of the directors.