The Three Lakes Community Foundation enhances and supports opportunities that make Three Lakes THE place to live, work and play.


Three Lakes is a vibrant and sustainable community where possibilities, opportunities and memories are made. (The vision is a picture of how we want to see Three Lakes years out, which gives current guidance to what we do to bring that about).


The values of the Three Lakes Community Foundation, adopted by the Board, are TRUE:

TRANSPARENCY – we will conduct ourselves with openness and candor in all aspects of our work. We will seek ways to share information that can help others understand who we are and what we do.

RESEARCH – we will make data-driven decisions based on research in areas of strategic importance that result in outcomes of significant value to the Three Lakes community.

UNITY – we believe the continued strength of our community lies in our capacity to work collaboratively.

ENGAGEMENT – we will encourage community members -- all stakeholders -- to participate in activities of public and personal concern that are individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the Three Lakes community.